Links, Some of our favorites.

Individual's Sites.

EFO Ken Myers has run this site for many years. It is home of the Ampeer, an online magazine published monthly.
The E-ZONE The E-Zone provides a wealth of reliable knowledge and information.

Vendor's Sites.

Walt's Hobbies A Very Comprehensive shop right here in Syracuse.
Air-Dynamics Gabe Baltaian's site. Shrink-wrap for battery packs.
AstroFlight 'Astro Bob' Boucher a pioneer of electric flight, builds great motors and accessories.
Balsa Products Great source for GWS stuff.
Bush Planes Really neat Bush Plane info & Video links.
DJ Aerotech Don Stackhouse's site. Ask J&D section great Q&A. RoadKill planes.
Hobby-Lobby Very comprehensive vendor specializing in European stuff.
ModelAir-Tech Tom Hunt builds belt drives for electric flight.
New Creations RC Kirk Massey is one of the most helpful vendors around.
Robotics of all stripes This site has all types of robotics, including UAVs, our own Bill Griggs is an Editor.
Radical RC Dave Thacker sells batteries, cables, motors & does crystal exchange.
REDNECK RC Another great Local Hobby Shop. This one is in Fulton.
TufFlight Joe Chovan is a Local who builds really Tuff planes & has a great site.